• AngularJS 2.0

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    AngularJS 2.0
    26 Jan 2016


    Angular computes updates based on changes to data, not DOM, for fast updates that scale to the largest data sets with minimal memory overhead.


    With Angular Universal for server-side rendering and Web Workers for smooth scrolling and transitions, Angular 2 solves the core challenges in mobile web performance.


    Supports several languages including plain JavaScript, TypeScript, and Dart. Also supports both object-style data structure with POJO data-binding and functional reactive style with unidirectional data flow and support for observables and immutable data structures.

    The Basics

    In Angular you display data by defining components. Data in your component classes is automatically available to display in your templates or control how they render as in the example below.

    While this example uses TypeScript, Angular works equally well with ES5, ES6 and Dart as well.

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